The overall aim of the project is to educate individuals about global warming and environmental sustainability. The team has adopted Singapore Environment Council (SEC) as a beneficiary as this will allow for more resources to be channelled into sustainability thinking in their other channel partners, such as schools.

This complements the team’s vision who believes that there are innovative solutions to solve our environmental problems.

Taking the example of the air around us, indoor air pollution can be up to 5x more polluted than outdoor air. With more buildings being developed in the near horizon, there will be an uptick in detrimental post-renovation pollution to residential and commercial real estates. As a result, the Gush team developed the patent-pending GUSH – AirPure Interior Paint which has zero formaldehyde, nearly zero VOC emissions and helps purify indoor air for healthier living conditions. The odourless paint also releases negative ions, dries 30-50% faster than normal, and has anti-bacterial as well as anti-moulding properties, reducing labour time and costs. The paint is already in the commercialization phase and the team has painted more than 112 houses, 3 offices and part of a hospital in Indonesia, just over the past 6 months.