About Us

Established in 2008, SingYouth Hub is a non-profit organization (NPO) registered under the registry of charities  (UEN:T11SS0032A) with a charity status dated 12 September 2012. A charity that champions the cause of youth development and social engagement, SingYouth Hub has been

Theory: Social Change-Makers Training Programme

The Social Change-Makers Training Programme empowers students to embark on their own social projects under the tutelage of capable and experienced mentors from SingYouth Hub. Youths are encouraged to choose a charity that they believe in and to be creative

Practical: Charity Pushcart Programme

The Charity Pushcart Programme creates a platform for charities and youths to sell items to fundraise for their respective causes. Over the last 2 years SingYouth Hub has expanded its platforms to include pushcart/booths at over 33 shopping malls. SingYouth

I've really enjoyed the entire experience and am pleased I got to learn so much from the programme!

Lisa CHIJ (Katong)

Being able to set up our own charity pushcart trained me to be independent and we worked very hard to fundraise for our charity!

Stacy NJC

I've learnt so much from this whole experience! It was really eye-opening

Collin ACJC