Our Award Closing Ceremony on 9 Jul 2021 was successfully held at MOX @*SCAPE Underground graced by Minister Sun,  Minister of State in the Ministry for Education and Ministry for Social and Family Development, as our Guest-of-Honour. We are glad to announce Social Angels as the top winning team for this competition. The team won $1,000 cash and more than $2,188 in-kind plus 4 books (Breaking out of yourself) by Sevenstorys, Diverse Learning, Mr Tham, BMW and Far East Organisation.

Current students from Singapore Management University
Slevin Chua – Law & Business Management
Gabrielle Alison Maswi – Accountancy & Psychology  
Joelle Soe Kai Xin -Business Management (Operations Management & Strategy)
Vanessa Yeo Zhi En – Social Sciences (Political Science, Communications)

Aim of Reinvent For Good Challenge 2020

 The aim of this competition is to come up with a creative, insightful project that would help youths aged between 13-16 year old become ‘future-ready youths.’

Portfolio of these youths

  • Have limited engagement in school volunteering activities
  • Have limited experience in leadership positions in CCA or class
  • Average to under-performing in terms of academics
  • Family with average income
  • Have a drive to do better but have a lack of direction or understanding of how to do so


  • Participants should be studying/ just graduated from a local or private institution and be between 17 – 26 years old.
  • Participants should form teams comprising of 2-4 members, and each participant should register by 24 Oct 2020 at tinyurl.com/reinvent4good2020

Criteria of the Proposed Project:-

 It is important that the proposed project is justified and realistic in nature, with implementation costs kept to a minimum so that more youth can benefit through this project.

  • The focus on the project can vary. It could focus on areas of interest with relation to creating ‘future-ready youths’ such as relationship management, risk or stress management, creativity, empathy etc.
  • The nature of the projects can also vary. For example, it could be workshop based, arts & crafts-based or even be digital-based such as an app, gaming, AR, 5G etc.
  • Concept must be unique/niche and encouraged to be aligned with our MOE’s 21st century curriculum.

These are of course suggestions provided. They are in no way the most perfect, and participants ultimately have the freedom to decide on what they want to focus on and what they want to propose for the best of today’s youth.

Judging Criteria:-

<Submit a proposal about 9 pages for your great idea> in 2 weeks. Those who are shortlisted will need to complete Part 2 of the proposal.

Solution Fit

  • To what extent does the proposed solution address the problem statement effectively, supported by extensive research and evidence?

Solution Readiness

  • How ready is the proposed solution to go to the market? Is there any evidence to suggest the capacity of the project to scale?

Solution Advantage

  • Can the solution be deployed within 3 months and be consequently scaled to tackle social issues at the national level?

Challenge Timeline:-

This competition will take place from 07 October 2020 to 16 January 2021.

Once your team has registered with us, we will send you an official email. After all the projects have been submitted, the first Top 10 teams will be shortlisted. Presenting to our panel of experienced judges, the top 5 teams will then be shortlisted, and assigned a mentor to help improve the proposed project. The top 5 will then battle it out for the top prize worth $3,000.00 (consisting of cash prize and in-kind)!

  • Those who failed to attend the briefing session virtually on a Sat afternoon, the team has to make arrangement with the organizer to meet up at SASCO café.

Our Judging Panel:

Ms Kayden Sharon Perera

Kayden is best known for her creative projects and quirky approaches to making a positive impact in the mental health space so as to inspire individuals to give attention to their mental and
emotional well-being. She is a psychotherapist, a lecturer and holds qualifications in Business Management and a Masters in Social Science in Professional Counselling. She is the positive transformation award winning author of her book, Breaking out of yourself, the recipient of long service award as a mentor and
facilitator of Campvision, a non-profit organization for marginalized youths and an invited guest speaker on 938 Now live radio show, Journey within.

Mr Shaik Annuar

Shaik has a passion in creating, spending over 30 years facilitating teams, organizations and businesses. Shaik comes from an engineering background with a process-oriented perspective, easing his strategic business initiatives for many companies and building of high performance team.
Shaik has coordinated different fields of professionals to execute complex projects with his multi-functional capability and interpersonal skills. With more than 30 years in Project Management and Engineering of shipbuilding contracts, he is a Seasoned management professional with Results Orientated/Producing skills who enjoys problems solving and excel in stress situations, always thinking ahead and looking for new ideas.
With more than 30 years in the maritime/shipbuilding industry, he is looking to be part of a team to ‘hyperspeed’ improvement in this traditional industry. Currently, he is managing a Geospatial SAAS team and building a Fintech team.

Mr Steven Ong

Steven is the Principal Trainer and MD of ForwardLeap Training Lab as well as the MD of Co-V, a coworking space. Prior to his current positions, he had been the MD of another coworking space operator; MD of an early-stage venture capitalist investment company; CEO of a financial services industry association with over 2,000 active professional members and CMO of a regional corporate training and business consultancy company.
Besides mentoring start-ups and personally invested in a few businesses after a successful exit from one of his
ventures, Steven had been invited to judge many pitching events. He is currently a Start-up Mentor with Temasek Polytechnic, Republic Polytechnic, TRIVE (Venture Capital) Next50 initiative and AlgoStars Deep Tech Accelerator. Steven is a regular regional speaker and an ACTA certified trainer who has many years of experience delivering seminars and workshops on topics relating to Personal Finance, Innovation and Entrepreneurship to participants from local and international organisations.
Recently, Steven had been appointed by International Youth Society, which is an international organisation promoting youth engagement globally, as the Country Director, representing Singapore. He was also been appointed the Vice-President of Young Entrepreneurs Society (Singapore), helping to promote entrepreneurship among local Singaporeans. Most recently, he had been made the Advisor and ASEAN Director for O-YES Global Foundation, helping to spearhead youth engagement within ASEAN.

Our Mentor Panel:



  • The winning team will stand to win prizes worth $3,000.oo (consisting of cash prize and in-kind).
  • The top 10 and top 5 teams will receive vouchers, goodie items, certificate of participation..

The judging panel will declare winners and award prizes on the last day of the event. The decisions of the judging panel are final and not subject to any review or consideration. Announcement will be officially made with a closing ceremony in 2021.

The winning project resulting from this Challenge may, at SingYouth Hub’s discretion, be selected for further development and eventual implementation. In such an event, the winning team members will be consulted and may aid in the process.

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