Established in 2008, SingYouth Hub is a non-profit organization (NPO) registered under the registry of charities  (UEN:T11SS0032A) with a charity status dated 12 September 2012. A charity that champions the cause of youth development and social engagement, SingYouth Hub has been reaching out to youth and supporting other charities since 2010.



  • Develop activities that engage Singaporean youths in all facets of community service – This includes processes involved in initiating, creating, planning, marketing and executing of community projects
  •  Set up an online resource and network centre for youths to initiate sustainable projects and programmes for community and welfare organisations
  •  Facilitate volunteer matching
  •  Develop leadership competencies, organisational capabilities and other essential skills in Singaporean youth


By creating a synergy between corporate entities (students and non-profit organisations), we strive to empower our youth with entrepreneurship skills and attitudes to solve social issues and inspire them to be positive contributors and change-makers individually to the society


Create a learning hub and community that effectively cultivates and empower youths to become social entrepreneurs and civic-minded leaders